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About Us
TRIVENI MACHINE TOOLS, established in the year 1978, is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of all types of Wrapping Machines & Hydrofracturing Units,. Based in the Silicon City, Bangalore, the company has carved a distinct name for itself with its wide range of Wrapping Machines & Hydrofracturing Units which it has supplied to all leading tobacco manufacturers, blade manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and food & cosmetic industries.

Our Products
At Frac-Tech Pvt. Ltd., we specialize in manufacturing premium quality Hydrofracturing Units & Wrapping Machines. The
Wrapping Machines manufactured at our unit have a distinct advantage over others in the sense that both the packet moving path as well as other guards of our Wrapping Machines are coated with Stainless Steel Material.

About Hydrofracturing
Hydrofracturing is a process by which dry low yielding bore well can be rejuvenated by pressurizing water into it which then opens out and cleans out the non water producing veins, thereby opening a clear path for water to flow into the well from outlying under water resources in the rock formations. Fractures in the bore wells can be identified by down hole Camera. Dry or relatively dry wells maybe induced to produce water if water exists in the area around the bore well and it is accessed by hydrofracturing. This is accomplished by setting a tool called packer into the well. This packer seals the well at a desired depth and allows water to be pumped through a pipe passing through the packer. The water is then pumped through a pipe located at ground level and a pressure upto 3000 PSI is developed in the well thus forcing water into existing fractures at a rate faster than the fracture can accept it thereby opening, clearing and extending the fracture paths by which overall yield is improved.

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